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Welkom in de wereld van tafeltennis! Het artikel is toegevoegd aan je winkelmand aan uw winkelmand! Kitesurf Materiaal Boardbags en hoezen Uitrusting voor de kitesurfer Accessoires. Karpervissen Uitrusting Hengels, sets, molens Aas en voerbenodigdheden Rodpods en beetmelders Accessoires. Turnen Accessoires Meisjeskleding Jongenskleding.

Ijshockey Ijshockeyschaatsen Ijshockeysticks Uitrusting Accessoires. Badminton Badmintonrackets Badmintonschoenen Badmintonkledij Badmintonmateriaal Badmintonmateriaal outdoor. Boomerangs, Frisbees Boomerangs Frisbees.

Witvissen Uitrusting voor de visstek Voeders en accessoires Witvissen met vaste stok Karpervissen met vaste stok Feedervissen Matchvissen en bolognesehengelen Onderdelen. G-Sport Sporten Verzorging. American Football Ballen en accessoires Handschoenen en shirts Accessoires.

Skateboards, longboards, waveboards Longboards en cruisers Skateboards Waveboards en hoverboards Uitrusting en accessoires. Fitness dance. Floorball Volwassenen uitrusting Kinderuitrusting. Steps Steps Uitrusting en accessoires. Petanque Ballen Accessoires. Canyoning Neopreen kleding Helmen Klimgordels Canyoning materiaal. Ballet Kleding Schoenen Accessoires. Beachvolley Ballen Beachvolleybalkleding Netten. Darts Pijltjes Dartborden Accessoires.

Gewichtheffen Halterstangen Gordels Magnesium. Trampolines Trampolines Onderdelen. Schermen Kledij Maskers. Atletiek Schoenen Kledij Accessoires Disciplines. Boksen Handschoenen Bokszakken en -ballen Bescherming Bokskledij en -schoeisel Bokstassen en accessoires Bekers en medailles. Nordic walking Stokken Schoenen Accessoires. Skimboarding Skimboards. Windsurfen Materiaal Uitrusting Accessoires. Biljart Keus Tafels Accessoires.

Baby gym Accessoires Meisjeskleding Jongenskleding Schoenen.Do you have the right equipment? Do you want to improve your technique or your tactics? Do you want to improve your pre-match preparation? Our teams of experts can offer a wide range of advice to help you get more out of your practice improving at the same time. Every player wanted to realise the perfect lob, but this shot is difficult that's why we propose you to improve your lob. The puzzle of how to place a grip or overgrip is finally over!

View this video to discover how to correctly install a grip or overgrip on your tennis racket. No more wasted time! During the winter period, your sense of grip decreases with the cold. It is therefore important to properly choose the overgrip that you will use during your matches. See it all in the video. Do your child's shoes fit them comfortably? Is your child able to tell you exactly how shoes feel when trying on different types? Does your child struggle to hold their tennis racquet correctly?

Does their grip on the racquet keep changing?


Artengo have been working to help your child be more comfortable technically and make better shots. After a match or an intensive training session, the physical recovery phase is essential for making progress. There are several things that can be done to help recovery: active recovery, diet including hydrationcold shower, ice bath or cryotherapy and massage. A good choice of strings is not enough. You also need to find the correct tension so that the racquet is a true extension of your arm and physique.

It should not, therefore, work against your physical capabilities and performance technique. The string: THE big question for any self-respecting tennis player. Often compared to the soul of the racket, the choice of string is one of the most difficult choices to make about your tennis equipment.

Monofilament or Multi-filament? Is natural gut really cat gut? Too rigid, too soft, too loose There are so many questions about these few metres of string that we decided to give you as many responses as possible. Get your machines ready! Discover all our tips on the right way to look after your racket and make it last longer as a result [ Skip to main content. All Tips. All Tips Do you have the right equipment? Sort by Newest to oldest Oldest to newest Top rated. View the video here!

You always wanted to perform the perfect drop shot? This video is for you! Help your child master the perfect tennis racquet grip!

How should you physically recover after a tennis match? Tennis: how to master the mental element.In stock. Product not available in this store In stock.

From To. Change Store This store does not offer online reservation service. The fibres have undergone an additional combing process to lengthen them and make the fabric softer. This ensures a better quality sock. The fabric is especially soft and pleasant to wear. The plush loop zone is thicker and softer, offering greater durability and comfort. Your feet are wrapped in soft plush loop for maximum comfort and durability.

These low-cut socks have an ankle tab just over the heel to increase your comfort and keep blisters at bay. This is what we call the "edge" system. Decathlon logo. Product suggestions. See all products. My wish list. My account. My store. Contact us. Evaluation of the entire life cycle of the product, its impact on the environment, including climate change and the depletion of natural resources. Reference : Add to my wish list Product already added. User rating Fit reviews.

There's no review yet for this size. Buy online. Articles available Article available Limited quantities In stock. Articles available Article available Limited quantities Product not available in this store In stock. Add to basket. Check availability in store. Articles available Article available.

You will be notified as soon as this product is available Be informed of product availability on the website Ok. Personal data only used by Decathlon to inform you that a product is available again. You can ask to access, rectify and even erase your personal data. Simply send an email to personaldata decathlon. Your data will be erased after 15 days at most.

More information on data transfers. Add to basket Check availability in store. Articles available Article available Limited quantities. Contact your store to check your product availability.Note: If you download version 2.

Otherwise, you might override your existing version of Android Studio. By default, each Android Studio installation receives updates corresponding to the channel you originally downloaded (Canary, Beta, or Stable).

If you want to change the update channel for a given install, follow these steps:When a new version of Android Studio is available for your channel, you'll receive a bubble notification in the IDE. For more information about update channels and updating the various SDK tool packages, read Update the IDE and SDK Tools. Except as noted, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.

For details and restrictions, see the Content License. You requested a page inbut your language preference for this site is. Would you like to change your language preference and browse this site in. If you want to change your language preference later, use the language menu at the bottom of each page.

This doc is hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is. You can change the documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation. For more information about specifying the API level your app requires, read Supporting Different Platform Versions. Note: Newer versions of Android Studio might change some configuration data in your projects (such as code style settings in the.

Install alongside your stable version After you download an Android Studio preview, simply save the application alongside any other version of Android Studio as described below. Windows: Unpack the ZIP file. Rename the resulting folder to something unique like "Android Studio Preview. To make the preview version available in your Start menu, right-click studio64. Mac: Unpack the ZIP file. Drag the app file into your Applications folder.

Linux: Unpack the ZIP file. Rename the resulting folder to something unique like "android-studio-preview. Change your update channel By default, each Android Studio installation receives updates corresponding to the channel you originally downloaded (Canary, Beta, or Stable). Be sure that Automatically check for updates is checked, and then select a channel from the drop-down list. When a new version of Android Studio is available for your channel, you'll receive a bubble notification in the IDE.

Newsletter Blog Support Join user studies This site uses cookies to store your preferences for site-specific language and display options. OK Get the latest Android developer news and tips that will help you find success on Google Play. Take a short survey. Help us improve the Android developer experience. RoomsColoursEffectsSizesTypesCatalogueConfiguratorCalculatorInspirationLaying 20mm Video tutorialMarazzi's blog is dedicated to experts in the field of ceramics, design and architecture.

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A space for comparing ideas and open dialogue. A selection of architectural projects created worldwide with Marazzi ceramics: homes, shops, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, airports, and designer exteriorsFind the ideal product for your home or for your project.

A high degree of variation in the patterning and different shades, available in the 58x116 and 58x58 cm size, emphasise the gleaming beauty of the honed finish, ideal for countless compositional solutions.

Do you want to know all details about technology, sizes and effects of this collection.


Pinch accurately evokes the details, colours and varied patterning that have made Venetian Seminato (or terrazzo. Porcelain marble tiles inspired by precious marbles: Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frapuccino.

White marble with lots of bold contrasting veining and fine black marble shot through with subtle. Di MO 00611410374 R. Explore the catalogue Configurator Countless suggestions for a unique solution: yours.These simulations help us to further improve and optimize the IOTA Tangle itself, but to also show the resiliency of the Tangle against attacks or to study new potential attacks.

With the IOTA Foundation officially being set up, we intend to take this research to the next level and will start sharing more regular updates from the IOTA Research Team. This work on the simulation framework has been lead by Alon and I on two different fronts. In this blog post, with the accompanying paper, we will share some of the first results gathered from these simulations.

The simulation software itself is currently being prepared for a public release. Learn moreGet updatesGet updates. Minnesota returns to non-conference play Saturday with its first SEC road game in 16 seasons. Nebraska opened up a 16-point lead early in the second half en route to a 78-68 win over No. Nate Mason scored a season-high 26 points as No. Location Bud Walton Arena - Fayetteville, Ark. Tickets Click Here TV SEC Network Live Video WatchESPN Radio KFAN 100. Arkansas: Third Meeting (1-1)Minnesota vs.

The game is the second of a home-and-home series that began last year in Minneapolis, an 85-71 Gopher win. It is Minnesota's first road game at an SEC school since Dec. Murphy has posted 10 double-doubles (highest in the country) thus far this season, and the three-time Big Ten Player of the Week became the first Gopher to win the award in back-to-back weeks. Murphy is also just the second Gopher to win it three times in the same season.

He is additionally leads the country in offensive rebounds (5. He needs just six more to tie Joel Przybilla for the most by any Gopher in two or fewer seasons of play in the Maroon and Gold (165). Last season, the Gophers dropped a 75-74 overtime decision versus the Spartans, and had previously lost conference-opening tilts at Ohio State, at Purdue during 2014-15, and at home versus Michigan.

Since 1980-81, the Gophers are 12-20 in Big Ten openers (excluding vacated seasons). Pitino is one of five active Division I head coaches who have reached the 100 career victory mark in their sixth season or sooner. The Razorbacks' two losses came vs. North Carolina (87-68) in the PK80 Invitational in Portland, and at Houston (91-65) a week ago. Games that were later vacated are excluded from that list. He is no stranger to the conference, however, spending two seasons on Billy Donovan's staff at Florida.Example: "my new logistic regression" normalize optional Boolean,default is false Whether to normalize feature vectors in training and predicting.

The type of the field must be categorical. The type of the fields must be categorical. The range of successive instances to build the logistic regression. Regularizing with respect to the l1 norm causes more coefficients to be zero, using the l2 norm forces the magnitudes of all coefficients towards zero.

Example: "l1" replacement optional Boolean,default is false Whether sampling should be performed with or without replacement. The minimum between that number and the total number of input rows will be used. Example: 1000 tags optional Array of Strings A list of strings that help classify and index your logistic regression.

By default, they are "one-hot" coded. That is, one numeric variable is created per categorical value, plus one for missing values.

For a given instance, the variable corresponding to the instance's categorical value has its value set to 1, while the other variables are set to 0. Using the iris dataset as an example, we can express this coding scheme as the following table:The parameter value is an array where each element is a map describing the coding scheme to apply to a particular field, and containing the following keys:The value for coding determines which of the following methods is used to code the field: If multiple coding schemes are listed for a single field, then the coding closest to the end of the list is used.

Codings given for non-categorical variables are ignored. The dummy class will be the first by alphabetical order. This is because the default one-hot encoding produces collinearity effects which result in an ill-formed covariance matrix. You can also use curl to customize a new logistic regression.

Once a logistic regression has been successfully created it will have the following properties. The coefficients output field is an array of pairs, one pair per class. The first element in the pair is a class value, and the second element is a nested array of coefficients for the logistic model that gives the probability of that class. Each inner array within the nested array contains the group of coefficients that pertain to a single input field.

The class-coefficient pairs are listed in the same order as the class values in the objective field summary. If the model was trained with missing values in the objective field, then a vector of coefficients will also be created for the missing class value, labeled with "", and listed last.

These are found under a field named stats. It is possible for null to appear among the values contained in stats. Wald test statistics cannot be computed for zero-value coefficients, and so their corresponding entries are null. Moreover, if the coefficients' information matrix is ill-conditioned, e. Creating a logistic regression is a process that can take just a few seconds or a few days depending on the size of the dataset used as input and on the workload of BigML's systems.AfterShip Returns Center has made complicated delivery updates a thing of the past.

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